Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fashion Colorworks 2011 is on its way!

The first International Fashion Colorworks 2010 Beading Contest was a resounding success for all its participants: the contestants, the sponsors, the judges, and the bead lovers. 83 participants from 20 countries submitted 132 entries (click here) !!!

Now the second International Fashion Colorworks 2011 Beading Contest is on its way! This year beadworkers are suggested to submit their artworks in three categories: Seed Bead Jewelry, Finished Jewelry, and Beaded Objects and Accessories. Entries in each category should be made in one of the three color combinations made up from Pantone Color Institute fashion colors for spring 2011:

First color combination:
Russet (CMYK: 44-67-76-9; RGB: 92614C)
Coral Rose (CMYK: 0-63-86-0; RGB: F47D39)
Blue Curacao (CMYK: 63-0-22-0; RGB: 4AC3CC)

Second color combination:
Lavender (CMYK: 33-32-0-0; RGB: A9A6D2)
Peapod (CMYK: 56-0-51-0; RGB: 71C59B)
Silver Cloud (CMYK: 25-19-23-0; RGB: C0C0BB)

Third color combination:
Regatta (CMYK: 73-28-0-0; RGB: 3397D3)
Silver Peony (CMYK: 3-13-15-0; RGB: F4DDD0)
Beewax (CMYK: 0-30-78-0; RGB: FDBA51)

The official contest rules are here:

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