Monday, November 22, 2010

Looking for inspiration? Perlen Poesie

If you are looking for an additional source of inspiration, you have to pay attention at the 2-year-old European bead magazine: Perlen Poesie. You are always supposed to read beading world news, you can learn beading techniques and of course take excellent instructions from international artists.

On December 10, 2010, the new issue of Perlen Poesie will be out! In that issue:

• Anna E. Draeger: A portrait of the popular artist and Swarovski Ambassador;

• Perlen Poesie visited seven bead artists from France;

• The workshops of the First Bead Art Fair on 20-21 August, 2011, in Hamburg, Germany;

• 16 wonderful projects from well-known bead designers: Anna Draeger, Zoya Gutina, Claudia Steens, Melissa Grakowsky, Peter Sewell, Sabine Lippert, Carol Dean Sharpe, Claudia Cattaneo, Birgit Bergemann and some more (yes, I'm in it, too!);

• And more, and more, and more!

The magazine is published in Germany by Beaders Best Verlag company, but everybody can subscribe it. If you live in the USA, you can directly or via Internet buy single issues of the magazine at the Beads by Blanche bead shop.

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Buy Perlen Poesie magazine in the USA

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Beadwright said...

Hi, great post. I like your blog very much.

Wedding Bands said...

It is great to know about Perlen Poesie magazine. It looks worth to buy this magazine.

diamond engagement ring said...

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Kirks Folly said...

This is indeed a whole piece of jewelry art. The collaboration of the worlds most recognized beads designer. Love to have the latest edition.

Platinum Wedding Bands said...

O, I fell in love with these the minute I saw them. Thanks for mentioning it.

Beads said...

We've been reading Perlen Poesie since the 3rd issue. It's great!

Heather said...

I stumbled upon your blog wondering around the internet and wow these are some beautiful pieces. They are so neat made it must take sometime and talent to make them. Never heard of the magazine but I'll have to check it out.

marina gonçalves said...

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