Sunday, January 18, 2009

Process pics. Mermaid's Garden

"Maybe it was a dream about summer? The bright, golden sun and rich clear-blue sky embraced me with their tender warmth," those were my muses on the creation of my lovely seed-bead necklace Mermaid’s Garden.

Probably for the first time I have tried to combine a blue color scheme with copper-lined seed beads. I felt that choosen materials will allow me to achieve at once the cool touch of the ocean with the warmth of a summer sun!

I have woven a base using netting stitch, and created a lot of leaves of two colors, my favorite components.

The finishing touches were created with freshwater pearls and aquamarine gemstone chips – perfect for a maritime theme.

Mermaid's Garden is 2008 First Place winner of the "Your Designs Rock!" Jewelry Design Contest held by Rings & Things magazine (Glass Category). Here is the full slide show of creating my necklace:

Mermaid's Garden

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