Thursday, November 24, 2011

Art Nouveau Restored - IBA 2011 winner!

On August 20, 2011 the winners of the International Bead Award Contest were announced at the Beaders Best Bead Art Fair. It was an exciting event! And good news: my Art Nouveau Restored necklace won two awards: First Place in Off-Loom Category and People's Choice Award.

First place winners are:

Lampwork Category

       1 Place: Helix - Jacky Teuchert-Rimkus, Germany

Loomwork Category

       1 Place: Spring Has Sprung - Erin Simonetti, USA

Off-Loom Category

       1 Place: Art Nouveau Restored - Zoya Gutina, USA

Bead Crochet, Bead Knitting Category

       1 Place: Diagonal Bubbles - Jolanda Violante, Italy

Embroidery Category

       1 Place: Cascade - Angelika Kenner, Germany

Paper, Textile Category

       1 Place: Altes Kyoto - Dorit Koppen, Germany

Polymer Clay, Ceramic, Porcelain Category

       1 Place: ...Love way... - Natalya Leitman, Russia

Wirewok Category

       1 Place: Beach Dreams - Chris Wrinn, USA

Mixed Media Category

       1 Place: Born in the Sands - Svetlana Sametis, Latvia

Public voting

       Art Nouveau Restored - Zoya Gutina, USA

Our warmest congratulations to all winners!

Full list of International Bead Award Contest winners

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