Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The blue bird by Ulyana Seryankina

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Sagar Jagdish K. said...

Woww it's really nice information.
I never seen that.
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fashion jewelry said...

How Gorgeous everything is on your Blog!
You are definitely a dreamer.
The necklace is beautiful and looks like a dream it's self.
Anyone would be blessed to have it!

Liha said...

amazing! (I'm now your blog's follower =) )

Alexis Bittar jewelry said...

Love the assymmetry in the creation and the color do the necklace which is a favorite of mine.The delicate feminine look is very much prominent in the piece.

Mariza said...

So Pretty I love! The color is amazing. I like your blog!!!


OMG!!!this one melted my heart!!!can u teach me how to make it?

925 silver rings said...

love the necklace ..

loose cubic zirconia said...

thanks for sharing i love this ..

Uli Jez said...

I know this collar, I have participated in this contest as well and landed on 33rd place.
Unfortunately I was not under the 20 finalists. I have a lot to learn in the future,then maybe it will work.
You created fantastic masterpieces of beadart.
With my best wishes and greetings for you, from Lower-Austria: