Sunday, June 13, 2010

Boudoir Beautiful contest

Boudoir Beautiful contest, you can vote here:
Boudoir Beautiful Contest

If you want to vote for me, go directly here:
Noble Luster Necklace

Thank you! :)))

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Anne said...

Beautiful design! SO much detail, I love it!! The soft purple tone reminds me of some beads I saw on Persona ( I've been beading with their beads lately. Exquisite!! said...

What a work!!! Beautiful!!

Stacy Olson said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures I really love reading your blog

Check out this beading ebook I posted a link too. It’s worth the look if you are a bead lover like I am that’s why I bought it.

gemfind said...

Really I love the collections which are really good. It was so beautiful that I buy one for my girlfriend.

Anniversary Rings Diamond said...

Beautiful crearion seriously, I liked it, its perfect.