Thursday, November 5, 2009

My daughter as a model

It can happen not very often when I make pictures of my jewelry on models. Here my daughter Ivanna is serving me as a model. At that time she was just back from the Burning Man Festival, she grabbed my necklace and put it on! I called that free-form necklace Southwestern Taste because of its color combination.

Burning Man website:

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Tündrüs (Jákóiné Klárik Tünde) said...

Beautiful, indeed - your daughter and the necklace, too.
Congratulations on these beauties.

Phoebe said...

Beautiful model and necklace! **envious**

sibel said...


Zoya Gutina said...

Thank you for my daughter! :)

Richard Leutzinger, Jr. said...

That's a very lovely picture of your daughter Zoya and of the necklace that you made.That necklace is stunning, just stunning ! ! Take care Zoya.