Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads 2008 Beading Contest

FMG 2008 Beading Contest winners were announced a couple of weeks ago. Not gold, not silver, not bronze, I got just Judge's Favorite Award for two necklaces (Midnight Flowers and Shahrazad), and Golden Rose Necklace made FMG final.

Here are the links to these items:

Midnight Flowers Necklace
Shahrazad Necklace
Golden Rose Necklace

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Softflexgirl said...

Did you already post pics of your submissions? Judge's favorite is still good. :)


Dave Robertson said...

Hi, Zoya,

You've excelled again! I agree with softflexgirl, Judge's Favorite sounds highly complimentary!

Very best wishes from

at Rings & Things

Zoya Gutina said...

Thanks a lot, Sara and Dave! :)